Mental Health Support for Breast Cancer in Wyoming

By Amy Surdam, FNP

“Breast cancer takes who ever it wants, whenever it wants and it leaves the rest of us with a void in our lives as we remember and miss the people we love.”


July, 2019

Breast Cancer


Breast cancer has affected us all at one point. My grandmother died from breast cancer. I have friends that have battled this enemy. That are battling it. Some have won, some have lost, some don’t know what their outcome will be. A few years ago, I started having mammograms yearly. One year, it was abnormal and I had to return for compression views. For a few weeks, while I waited for the appointment, I wondered if I had breast cancer. If I would have breast cancer. If I would die from breast cancer. After all, 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer at some point. Maybe I would be one of them.

Breast cancer takes who ever it wants, whenever it wants and it leaves the rest of us with a void in our lives as we remember and miss the people we love.

There is no cure for breast cancer, only treatments. Sometimes the treatments work. Sometimes they don’t.

And along with the physical condition of breast cancer and the treatments, there is another layer to the disease that often goes untreated: the mental health aspect. It’s difficult to battle with cancer or to have a loved one battle with it. It’s an exhausting fight.

Stitches Acute Care Center has recently partnered with the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative and LIV Health to offer telemedicine visits to women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. Through a generous grant from the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative, women and men and their families are able to receive no cost mental health visits from LIV Health and no cost medication management visits through Stitches all via telemedicine from anywhere in Wyoming.

Accessing this program is easy.

  1. Contact LIV Health to set up an initial appointment at 307-630-4729. Providers can help their patients get started by completing a referral form and faxing it to LIV Health.
  2. LIV Health will set up your initial appointment and provide you with instructions on how to meet virtually. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smart phone with a camera.
  3. Any additional care needed such as prescriptions medications or group therapy will be coordinated by LIV Health and Stitches Acute Care Center through additional virtual visits.
  4. Therapy sessions and virtual office visits are billed through your insurance. Fees not covered are funded by the grant from the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative.

We hope that anyone in Wyoming who suffers from depression or anxiety related to breast cancer will utilize this generous program. No one should be alone in this fight. It affects all of us.