Employer services.

Our all-inclusive Occupational Medicine Program will ensure your employee is fit and ready to go. Whether you need a pre-placement exam, a DOT certification, drug screen, or respiratory evaluation, our highly trained and experienced providers and nurses are here to help. We pride ourselves for limiting OSHA reportable treatment while ensuring your valued employee has the care needed to heal.
Drug Screen

Drug Screen Collection (Individual or Co. One-­ Time Only Collection) DOT or Forensic using Stitches COC & MRO Review

ANY Federal (DOT) Drug Screen Collection ‐ Collection using our COC or w/ Company provided COC

Forensic (Non-­DOT) Send-­‐In Using Our COC/MRO  

Forensic (Non-­DOT) Send-­‐In Using Company COC & MRO

RAPID 5 Panel Drug Screen – Tests performed using our rapid testing supplies

RAPID 10 Panel Drug Screen – Tests performed using our rapid testing supplies

Drug Screen Collection (Non-­‐DOT RAPID) – Employee brings ALL OWN supplies, COC, Collection Cup, Rapid Strips etc.

Observation Add-­‐On Charge for Observed Drug Collections 


EBT – Breath Alcohol (DOT and Non DOT)

EBT – Confirmation Breath Alcohol Test

Hair Collection for Drug Screening; (Employee must bring in or Company must send in Collection Kit, COC etc.)

Exams and Procedures

DOT Physicals NEW & RECERT

Pre-­Employment Physical STANDARD: **Provider will review (1-­‐2 page) job description & work document and concerns, regarding the employee’s ability to perform duties).

Pre-­Employment Physical LONG/In-­Depth  (Company Mandated fit for work in Depth Exams, Blood work, Urine, Vision, Whisper hearing Tests etc. included) **We will have provider look over job descriptions and state concerns if they arise, regarding whether the employee SHOULD be able to perform designated duties.

Fit for Duty Physical (Return to Work) — Basic Physical/follow up used to determine Return to Work Status.

Functional Capacity – Back Fitness & Flexibility

Visual Acuity Screening 

Color Vision Screening -­  (14 Plate Ishihara)

AIR Whisper Hearing Test                          

Pure Tone Audiogram Screening 


Chest x-­‐ray (1 and 2 View)

Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)

OSHA Respiratory FIT Questionnaire Review 

Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry) w/ OSHA Respiratory FIT Questionnaire Review

COMPLETE Respirator Mask FIT Testing (Qualitative) Includes Spirometry & OSHA Questionnaire. Employee needs to bring respirator in with them, be able to demonstrate proper donning and doffing and positive and negative pressure checks.


Wound Repair Capabilities

Lab and Immunizations

Urinalysis by Dipstick

Venipuncture/Lab blood draw 

  • Hep B Titer
  • Varicella Titer
  • HIV Testing
  • Hep B Vaccine
  • TDAP Vaccine
  • TB test & TB READ
  • Flu Shots

(*We do flu shot clinics on site for larger groups & can bill these to the company or to personal insurance.)

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