Zip Pass


What is Zip Pass?

You are important to us and we know that your time and resources are valuable. We want to ensure your visit is smooth, seamless, and hassle-free. Please use our Zip Pass service to check-in online from your computer or device and reserve your place should there multiple patients when you arrive.


*Due to our extremely high volumes of patients, we will not be able to guarantee your ZipPass time, however, please use ZipPass to let us know you are coming and also to e-register to make your record more complete.

A few things about e-registration:

  1. Complete the ZipPass. Once you are at the end, you will be able to select e-registration.
  2. Do not hit “Abort” during the process if you can avoid it. That will negate your registration and we will have to start over at the clinic.
  3. You will not be able to take photos of your ID’s if you are using a computer (only with a tablet or phone). Please do try to take photos or upload your insurance card (if applicable) and photo ID.
  4. You can only schedule a ZipPass and complete e-registration on the current day. There are no future bookings.

Thank you and see you soon!